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Your step by step guide to selling the Creative way…

Selling your home privately has never been as easy as it is now with the growth in the Internet. When selling with our help, you are a private seller but we do all the hard work for you and are here to support you at all times.  We feel that working with our sellers is a partnership and together we aim to get your property sold as soon as possible.

We produce a creative and informative description for the property and we are very happy to make changes as required – let’s face it, you know the property better than anyone.  Only once you are 100% happy with the draft advert do we ask for payment.  Once payment is received, your advert will be uploaded on to the various property portals and websites we use around the globe.

We receive the initial enquiry from the buyer and we reply to them, explaining that we are helping you to sell privately and introducing you as the seller.  From here, the opportunity is there for you to communicate directly with the buyer, answer any questions they might have and organise a viewing.  Conduct the viewings yourself or perhaps ask a key holder to show the buyer around – it’s that easy!

We are here to provide help and guidance at any stage by email or phone.  Once you find a buyer, we are also available to help you with negotiations, provide guidance on the legal process and ensure that you reach a successful completion as swiftly as possible.[/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading text=”Here is our step by step guide to selling the Creative way…

Give us a call or send us an e-mail…

We are here to deal with your property and we do all the technical stuff so you don’t need to worry.  Please visit our contact us page here – Contact Us!

Tell us what are you selling…

The more information you can provide us with, the more we understand how best to advise you and how best to tailor your marketing.

What we need from you is simple – send through as many photos and a brief description of the property so that we know what we are dealing with.

If you are on the market with an agent currently, give us the website and a reference number and we can take a look at the advert and advise you on how best we can help you.

Remember, we do all the creative and technical stuff so you don’t have to!

The chances are we will have some questions for you once we have seen the photographs and any brief information of your property.

Mostly, this is done by email but equally we can organise a call to you to discuss the property over the phone.

We require as much information as you can give us in order to create the best property details/advert and to really hook that buyer!

Choosing the asking price…

Once your decision is made to sell your property the Creative way, we will ask you if you already have an asking price in mind or if you require a free on-line valuation from us.

If you do require some guidance on an asking price, we can carry out research into your local market and e-mail over links to comparable properties for sale (or sold) to help you reach a decision.

You check and approve the advert…

On completion of your property advert, we will send you a link to our website so that you can see your advert online.

You’ll be able to check the description, ask for amendments and generally make sure you are happy with the advert before it is uploaded to the various websites and property portals.

Payment is easy and secure…

Only once you have approved your property advert do we ask for the payment.

This can be paid by a bank transfer into our business account, secure online payment with a credit or debit card or payment with TransferWise or PayPal if you have an account.

Please note that debit and credit card payments are processed in a secure electronic environment (we do not take payment over the phone).

Uploading to the portals and websites

Once payment has been received, we will upload your advert onto the various websites and property portals.

This can take a few days but as soon as your advert is live, we will send you links to each website so that you can see your property being displayed.

This means you can see how your property is shown on all of the websites as each have their own style and features.


When an enquiry is received for your property, we will reply to the buyer via email and link them to your property on the Creative Property Marketing website.

We explain that we are helping you to sell privately and we “introduce” you as the owner of the property.  This is copied to you so that you can see what has been said and you are now able to communicate directly to deal with any questions or to arrange a visit.

Some enquiries will include a telephone number for the buyer and we always encourage you to contact them in this way if you can.


This is a great opportunity for you to secure that elusive sale – meeting buyers and having the chance to convey the benefits of your property is crucial.

It is best to be organised – arrange a convenient  meeting point if your property is difficult to find, ensure you have contact numbers for the buyer and make sure they have yours.

If you can’t show the buyers around yourselves arrange for friends or neighbours to do this for you – this often works well as they can often be more “detached/subjective” to the showing of your property!

Ask questions!

Don’t be discouraged from asking a buyer what they think about your home and how it compares to others they have seen.

It is always best to know straight away if they aren’t interested but you may be surprised and get an offer on the spot!

Often, buyers will be looking at other properties and are more likely to contact you later to negotiate – don’t hesitate to contact buyers after their visit to see what they felt about the viewing.

Feedback is extremely useful to learn from and understand how buyers think in the current market.

Agreeing a sale and lawyers

When you find a buyer for your home, we are on hand to help with negotiations and can help to explain the whole buying/selling process.

Now is the time to contact your lawyer who will be able to draw up the contract for the sale – if you don’t want to use a lawyer, you can often communicate directly with the buyer’s lawyer.

Please remember to have all your paperwork to hand as this can save time.

No commission when you sell!

Don’t forget that the main reason for selling with Creative Property Marketing is that we can save you thousands of Euros when you sell compared with the fees you would normally pay to an agent.

If you think you can’t sell privately, think again!

The market in Spain has improved greatly in the last year so why not take advantage of this and find a buyer for your home via the Internet.

See what our clients say about our service

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but we know that paying money upfront for advertising your property is a big decision.  We list testimonials from many happy clients to help you take the leap of faith that is needed to part with hard earned money.

If you would like to speak to any of our clients, please contact us and we’ll happily put you in touch.

Equally, if you would like to include a few words about our service or your sale, please send us an email so we can include your words on our website. We really appreciate your support!

Feedback and communication

We feel that communication and feedback is a vital part of our service and something that many estate agents fail to deliver.

We send out a monthly overview which includes important news about the Spanish property market, statistics about the levels of enquiries being generated and updates on new laws affecting the property market, here in Spain.

This invaluable document is carefully created by us each month and provides you with a better understanding of the property market as a whole and trends which can be useful in trying to attract a buyer.

We cover information such as the nationalities of potential buyers, the price ranges that they enquire in and which websites perform best.  We also provide information from official government reports on average pricing levels across the country as well as sales statistics from the Notaries.

These monthly overviews are for your benefit and if you would like something discussed or added to the menu, feel free to contact us.

Many people tell us that one of their greatest complaints about estate agents in Spain (apart from the high rates of commission!) is the lack of communication.  We aim to stay in contact with you as regularly as we can – you’ll hopefully be hearing from us regularly with new enquiries but you’ll also receive our monthly overview without fail.

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