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Another one sold…

Posted by adminc on 8th November 2018
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This family business, based in Andalucia, creates a detailed, agreed description of a property for sale in Spain, and posts it on a wide selection of property websites.

When enquiries hit those sites, they’re forwarded to CPM who contact the enquirer direct, copying in the seller, with further details including the seller’s contact details. The seller can then contact the enquirer and begin a discussion about the property.

We had a cottage in a rural setting, but decided to sell. It was advertised on our Spanish estate agent’s website. Some Spanish enquirers from the locality didn’t know where it was , others wanted unrealistic things like pools. It wasn’t reaching the right market. We advertised on some familiar UK websites but the replies weren’t encouraging.

After several months we went to CPM. Enquiries came quickly. One of the earliest was our buyer. In the time during which we dealt with him, many others arrived.

David and Sarah have got this down to a T. The combination of their expertly-phrased advertisement of your property and their immediate and sensitive attention to enquiries, should help you achieve a sale, as they have helped us achieve one.

Many thanks to you both, David and Sarah.

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